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Community Service
Community Service Project 2016
We ask each citizen to donate supplies to our community service project each year. This year's donations will be given to the Fayetteville VA Medical Center.
What to donate?
Men's t-shirts, long or short sleeve: all sizes
Men's sweatpants: all sizes
Women's sports bras: all sizes
nail care kits
Disposable razor blades (Double & Triple Bladed)
Men's & Women's Deodorant: Any Brands
Body Wash: any brand
Gift Cards (Wal-Mart, Visa Gift Cards)
Reading Glasses (New: all strengths)
Large Cans Decaffeinated Coffee
Sugar: single serving packets
Coffee Creamer: 20 oz or smaller containers
Sweet and Low, Equal, Splenda: single serving packets

Small, personal size toiletries  may be donated also. These are the type placed in hotel rooms or sold for travel. These will be donated to a homeless shelter near the VA medical Hospital.